Establishment of Peace

Inner Peace

The organization shall strive for the inner peace by imbibing patience, contentment, simplicity, calmness, happiness, austerity, optimism, meditation & spirituality for replenishing the soul and attaining good head and good heart of an individual.

Domestic peace

The organization shall strive for maintaining domestic peace by strengthening the bond of mutual relationship and understanding within and between the families. Building a happy home by cementing love, trust and mutual understanding besides inculcating moral values and respect for each other. preventing domestic confrontations and resolving matrimonial disputes by counseling, mediation and reconciliation..

Outer peace

The organization shall strive to establish global peace on the principle of ‘humanity and justice’. strengthen socialism, secularism and patriotism. deprecate hatred and violence in any form by spreading the message of ‘love for humanity’.Reach out to the anti-social, anti-national elements, separatists, secessionists, warring groups and alienated youth for the establishment of peace. imbibe religious tolerance and propagate communal harmony and universal brotherhood.Spread the teachings of religious scriptures, scholars, saints and social reformers for the establishment of peace. Work in tandem with the government, police, para-military forces etc for maintaining law and order, public safety and security in the strife torn areas and the situations endangering peace like strikes, riots, clashes, sectarian divides etc.

Environmental Protection

The organization shall strive to prevent air, water and noise pollution. save earth and water bodies. protect and preserve the eco-system by maintaining the flora & fauna with special focus on the plants, animals and birds becoming extinct. promote the habit to reduce, reuse and recycle of wastes prevent deforestation and promote afforestation. prevent soil erosion and excessive use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers and resort to organic manure. prevent the activities leading to global warming and ozone depletion. engage in waste land management by promoting gardening, backyard farming, nurseries, flowerbeds etc. prevent encroachment and construction over the forest land, river beds, banks and water logging areas. pre-treatment and proper disposal of toxic wastes, garbage, untreated effluents from the houses, factories and industries etc. reduce and neutralize the emission of harmful radiations endangering the habitat of birds and animals. reduce the excess emission of CO2, CO & NO2, methane, chlorofloro carbons besides other gases polluting the atmosphere. prevent use of plastic bags and other non-decomposable material. reduce the use of fossil fuels i.e. coal, oil, gases and promote the non-conventional renewable sources of energy. minimize the use of motor-vehicles and promote eco-friendly modes of transport and conveyance. promote judicious use of water, oil, coal and other natural resources. inculcate the environmental friendly habits on the principle of, “think globally and act locally”.

Disaster Management

The organization shall strive to help the victims of natural calamities like earthquakes, flood, cyclone, windstorm, cloudburst, lightening, bad weather famines etc. reach out to the victims of man-made calamities like plane crash, dam crash, accidents, fire, electrical and mechanical breakdown etc. engage volunteers to rescue the families affected or displaced by any disaster and provide logistic support to them in the shape of drinking water, packed food, medicines, tents, clothes etc. provide relief and logistic support to the victims of war, firing, shelling, strikes, riots, clashes etc. work in tandem with the government and other agencies for the relief and rehabilitation of the families affected or displaced by any disaster.

Education & Child Development

The organization shall strive to work for the universalization of education with special focus on laboring children, street beggars, slum dwellers, nomadic, poor, orphan and drop out children. provide free education, books & uniform to the physically challenged, mentally retarded, deaf, dumb and blind children. provide moral education to the young minds with special focus on teachings of great saints, philosophers, thinkers, poets, writers etc. impart reformative education to the delinquent children, drug addicts, traffickers and alienated children. curb child labour, begging and other forms of exploitation of the children. liberate the scavengers, enslaved and children employed in domestic and business establishments and bring them back to the schools. develop sports skill and adopt other co-curricular activities for the overall development of the children. improve the pupil teacher ratio and achieve 100% literacy of the children. impart physical, psychological and spiritual education to the children. organize camps, seminars, quiz competitions, debates, declamations etc. launch talent hunt programmes and recommend the students with extra-ordinary talent for participation in the events at state, national and international level. pay scholarship and awards to the extra-ordinary brilliant students and bear the expenses of poor students for higher studies. impart training to the teachers & parents with special focus on biological, psychological and emotional changes of a child from birth to adolescence. curb the menace of mass copying especially in rural areas by launching awareness campaigns and taking up the matter with the concerned agencies. meet various challenges posing threat to the lives of the children and neutralize the protracted crises endangering life, health and well being of the children. work in tandem with the government besides other agencies and organizations for the proper implementation of various welfare schemes for the children.

Legal Aid

The organization shall strive to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to the downtrodden sections of the society because of their poor economic conditions and other disabilities. fight legally against discrimination based on religion, race, caste, color, creed, sex, nationality or place of birth. spread legal literacy and awareness among rural population about their fundamental and legal rights besides benefits of various social welfare legislations and schemes in vogue. organize legal aid camps for encouraging settlement of disputes through mediation and reconciliation. provide free legal aid for the protection of rights of children, women and old aged persons. provide free legal aid to the destitute women and the girls roped in prostitution prevent female infanticide and strive for maintaining the sex ratio. prevent infant marriages and human trafficking. provide free legal aid to the delinquent children and alienated youth for bringing them in the main stream. seek implementation of various schemes, policies, programmes, orders and judgments of the Hon’ble Apex court issued from time to time for the betterment of the society at large.

Health & Medicare

The organization shall strive to promote self doctrism on the principle of ‘prevention is better than cure’. provide medical aid and care to the victims of the accidents, natural and man-made calamities. provide equipments and logistic support to the physically challenged, mentally retarded, deaf, dumb and blinds. organize free medical camps for the treatment of the poor patients. provide medicare facilities and awareness to the poor pregnant women and infants. provide life saving drugs to the abandoned old age persons, widows, orphan children, war and accidental victims. promote voluntary donation of blood on the cardinal principle ‘save life save humanity’ promote ayurvedic system of medicines, gardening of herbal and other medicinal plants and minimize the use of allopathic medicines. spread awareness about the hazardous effects of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, drugs and unhygienic health conditions. launch awareness programmes to prevent mal-nutrition and food poisoning. provide moral support to the patients of depression and mental illness by counseling and generating humane conditions for them. provide treatment, awareness and logistic support to the patients suffering from dreaded diseases like aids, cancer etc. prevent the hazardous effects of technological, electromagnetic, ultraviolet, cell phone and other radiations harmful to the health organize medical camps during epidemics, provide medicines and take other measures for the prevention of communicable diseases.

Women Empowerment

The organization shall strive to deprecate and renounce practices and social contraptions derogatory to the dignity of women. dismantle the parochial social structure and reform the mindset of the society towards the women. prevent sexual exploitation and harassment to the women at work places. prevent domestic violence, cruelty and other atrocities inflicted on the women. prevent the increasing magnitude of rapes, honour killings, dowry deaths, trafficking, sexual harassment, eve teasing besides other crimes against women. fight against discrimination to the women and strive for equality and dignity to them. arrange marriages of physically challenged, poor and orphan girls. rehabilitate the girls/women roped in prostitution. provide solace and logistic support to the widows and orphan girls and work for their upliftment. protect the rights of inheritance of moveable and immovable properties by women. establish vocational centres like knitting, tailoring embroidery etc. and promote other employments avenues for the women. work in tandem with the government, women commissions and other organizations for the implementation of women welfare schemes. .

Social upliftment

The organization shall strive to achieve dignity and protection of human rights to all. provide food, shelter and clothing to the underprivileged sections of the society. eradicate social evils like dowry, casteism, untouchability, smoking, gambling, corruption, drug addiction etc. fight against injustice, inequality and discrimination based on religion, race, sex, color, creed or place of birth etc.. improve the living standard and work for the upliftment of the slum dwellers, oppressed, alienated and underprivileged sections of the society. minimize and alleviate human sufferings by way of healing touch and by providing relief and logistic support to the victims. prevent beggary and reform beggars as good citizens. liberate scavengers and work for their rehabilitation by providing alternate employment to them. reform the criminals, under trials prisoners and convicts by organizing camps in jails as well as outside. establish old age homes, recreation centres, crèches, balwadies and shelter homes for the poor children. provide psychological and logistic support to the old aged, infirm and homeless persons. promote adult literacy. fight for recognizing the transgender as third gender and work for their upliftment. adopt the underdeveloped rural villages and transform them into ‘smart villages’. fight for the basic rights and amenities of lepers and work for their upliftment. inspire, encourage and imbibe human values. work in tandem with the government for strengthening the social fabric and for implementation of the social welfare schemes.

Skill Development

The organization shall strive to establish khadi and village industries, sheep and wool industries, procurement of raw wool, grading and sale of its products establish small scale industries, cottage industries and other vocational centre promote agriculture, horticulture and floriculture on scientific lines by using natural, decomposed organic manure and vermicompost. The bio-fertilizers like rhizobium, azotobacter, azosprillium, blue green algae etc. can also be used promote sericulture, apiculture and pessiculture. promote dairy poultry and fish farming establish green houses, nurseries, agro-forestries. establish handicrafts, handlooms, computer, electrical and mechanical training centres, driving institutes, carpentry etc. impart training of food craft in production of food, bakery patisseries etc. channelize youth energy for taming the untapped natural resources. form self help groups for generating employment avenues. work for the proper implementation of the schemes for employment and skill development. organize awareness camps for educating the youth about the employment generation programmes..

Culture & Heritage Protection

The organization shall strive for conservation and preservation of national heritage both tangible and intangible including buildings, structures, monuments, precincts, areas/sites of archeological and historical importance, artifact, sculpture, painting, handicrafts, handloom, manuscripts, museums, music, dance, drama, fine arts, culture, literature, living traditions like crafts & cuisine, traditional knowledge, historic or cultural traditions, religious, aesthetic architectural besides other activities of environmental significance and matters connected therewith.